Sun Temple Modhera Tourism Hub Mehsana gujarat

Sun temple, modhera it is located in Approximately distance 30 kilometers north of the city of Patan, Gujarat. Modhera village situated at the south of the famous and magnificent ancient temple. The sun temple is attraction of Modhera and it is famous for it’s unique architecture. The sun temple represents the art and sculptures of unique architecture template.

The surya mandir was to be built by the Solanki dynasty of King Bhimdev Solanki in since 1026.  Suryavanshee Solankis were Gujjar or descendant of the sun. surya mandir was established in such a way that the sun’s first rays of the sun fall on the idol of the god. From the point of view of structural designing, the surya mandir at modhera is truly the one of its Quality. Every single inch of the structure is covered with the sculptural patterns of birds, beasts, Gods, flowers and Goddesses.


The Sun temple at Modhera has been divided into three main compartments, namely Surya Kund, Sabha Mandap and Guda Mandap. The first is the Surya kuns, a fascinating massive rectangular stepped tank. Because of the water restoration work that is being carried out here by the Archeological Survey of India.

Surya mandir best time for visite on October to March. 21st March brings special sunrise to Modhera Sun temple, Every year on 21st of March, sun rises exactly in front of the modhera surya mandir in north Gujarat india.  Sun rays it is first light on the part where there was an idol of God Surya. It is pink sunrise and witness at the impact of the main part of the surya mandir.

Surya mandir is present and lots of visitor in every year. This was the some information about modhera surya mandir. Can you like it..!! then visite Sun temple modhera. Happy journey…