Patoda sadi famous in patan gujarat

Patoda Sarees is famous of patan in overall Gujarat, India. Patoda are a double ikat woven sari, usually made from silk, made in Patan, Gujarat, India. It is traditionally  woven  in a sari lenght is as a normal sarees five to nine yards. Essentially the design in a patoda are based on traditional motifs called “Bhat”. These designs include “narikunj”,”Chowkdi”, “Pan”,  “rass”, “chhabdi”, “Pulwadi”, “choktha”, “paanchphil”, “navratna”, “laheriya” “sarvariya” etc. bride, Flowers, animalse and  human figures from the basic designs. It is a traditionaly in patan gujarat.

One of the famous song of gujarat in which the wife asks to her husband bring for her patoda of patan while returning, ” Chela ji re… Mare hatu patan thi, Patoda mongha lavjo…” it means ” My Dear!, do bring the precious patoda from patan for me.” has remained very famous for the last many years, and so is the fame and popularity of it is even today.

Today, it is gifted to the daughter and daughter in law on affair on marrieges in rich families as a sign of omen. Most important process involved is that of dye and tie using natural dyes like cochineal, catechu, indigo, Natural Lakh, madder roots, turmeric, Harde, manjistha, kesudo, ratnajyot, katha, henna, pomegranate skin, etc to display vibrant colours in the silk sari or fabric. Copper , alum, sulphate, tin chloride, ferrous sulphate, potassium dichromate and other mordents are also used in the tedious dyeing process.

The art of hand texture patan patodas is so taxing and complicated that 4 – 5  of a family members  of artisans labour and toil for more than 5 – 6 months to bring out a unique creation in silk depending upon the Recognizes. Both sides of it is have the same look and feel which is really unique for any textiles.

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